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Nov 2015
Strategies for Success
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Ignoring EQ? That's a Leadership FAIL

Is emotional intelligence really critical to your business' success? If you want better leadership, double-digit market share growth, and 87 percent lower turnover, absolutely. Find out where even really smart companies fail.

Leadership Tip of the Month:

"We tend to think of leadership as something you do externally. The good leaders are the ones who are comfortable in their own skins. They understand what they are about -- they understand their purpose in life and their strengths. They have a level of comfort with themselves that leads to a level of comfort with others."

-- Dan Pink, Leading With A Whole New Mind

Fact of the Month:
Beyond the "Warm and Fuzzies"

  1. PepsiCo's research found that executives with high EQs were 10% more productive, had 87% less turnover, brought $3.75M more value to the company, and increased ROI by 1000%.
  2. L’Oreal found that salespeople with a high EQ sold $2.5M more than others.
  3. Sheraton incorporated an EQ initiative and grew their market share by 24%.

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