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Average employees comprise 60% of the workforce.

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SEPT 2018

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Grow Your Own Superstars: Get MORE From Middle Performers
Missing the (Recruiting) Mark? Myths About Millennials
Average employees comprise 60% of the workforce. With these strategies, you can tap the potential of middle performers - and dramatically improve your organization's performance.
Better Habits -> Better Decision-Making
Productivity Tips: They're Weird -- But They Work!
Timely, effective decision-making is essential to great leadership. Use these habits to become more decisive – even when the "right" choice isn't clear.
Leadership Tip of the Month: Nix Knee-Jerk Responses

To make a complex decision, ask questions to determine where you are now – and the best path to follow. Customize and expand upon questions like these to systematically weigh your options:
1) Who must weigh in? What are their perspectives, issues, pain points and motivations?
2) What are the limiting factors (e.g., time, money, technology, process bottlenecks, expertise)?
3) Whom will this decision impact?
4) What's at stake (i.e., what if you make the wrong decision – or do nothing)?
5) What will likely happen if you do "A," "B" or "C"?
6) How will you define and measure the success of this decision?

Stat of the Month: Maximize Performance by Playing to Employees' Strengths
Employees who exercise their strengths on a daily basis are 8% more productive and 6x more likely to be engaged.


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